Here’s Your Chance

So I have finally finished University and I have pretty much decided to not do the last optional year. I say ‘pretty much’ because there is still some ounce of a chance that I might decide to do it, but its very unlikely. I’m a free man with a job interview at apple on Tuesday 21st June 2011.

Yay. =]

An interview finally and its not at some boring ass clothing retail store. Fingers crossed and prayers are in session.

I have written out the first episode of a series codenamed “Stuck in the Bits”. Its a video game parody series that I plan to be hosting on thebitbag. I’m glad I now have the time to get started on it, now that uni has finished, but I am feeling this odd sense of damp motivation. I’ve drawn out the two main characters but have not colored them in yet. It’s a start, which is good. However, I had to force myself to get the drawings done. The natural urge wasn’t there. This is quite worrying. I had the urge to design characters during the times I should have been prioritising my university project, yet the moment I am legitimately free to do stuff, I am struggling to get off my ass and do it. Hmmmm… interesting.

I am not feeling that boost that I imagined I would be feeling as soon as the project was handed in and the curtains in my life as an animation student were closed. Is something missing? It feels like something is missing. Something has to be missing…

I wonder what it is.


A collection of feelings after watching the CEO 2011 and ReveLAtions 2011 tournament streams.

PC vs Console Gaming

A parody video I did with Torrence Davis, Editor-in-Chief of TheBitbag.com

I did all the art and wrote the script for Torrence to read. It was made to poke fun at the amount of times a debate about PC & Console gaming has occurred on the Warzone Podcast. Ironically, the comments section in the original bitbag post only devolved into another debate… haha.

Probably my best Episode yet. Enjoy 🙂

In this episode, I talk about Juste Debout UK over some footage of the House dance pre-select.

This all took place after I did the interview with Byron Cox, which you can find on my youtube channel 🙂