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A collection of feelings after watching the CEO 2011 and ReveLAtions 2011 tournament streams.


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PC vs Console Gaming

A parody video I did with Torrence Davis, Editor-in-Chief of TheBitbag.com

I did all the art and wrote the script for Torrence to read. It was made to poke fun at the amount of times a debate about PC & Console gaming has occurred on the Warzone Podcast. Ironically, the comments section in the original bitbag post only devolved into another debate… haha.

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I had a debate which I found interesting, on the Games on Smash comment section of there 83rd Podcast episode.

In the podcast, one of the participants said that Mario and Zelda are not hardcore games. I disagree with this so I decided to share my thoughts. The debate went back and forth for a bit between me and a person called DCI, who was also on the podcast. His stance was that ‘Hardcore’ means to be graphically explicit and that for a game to be ‘Hardcore’, it has to reach certain standards in regards to its realism, graphics, violence, etc. My stance was that the word ‘Hardcore’ does not only mean “graphically explicit” and has a few other meanings that can be applied to the main aspect of what a game is, which is an interactive medium. In short, I feel a game can be Interactively hardcore and thus should be considered a hardcore game. We went back and forth but my last comment, which he didn’t reply to, is the one where I feel I presented my argument at its strongest. Hit the jump to read this comment and for the link to the original article post is included if you wan’t to listen to the podcast and check out the rest of the comments. 🙂


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For those who dont play Super Street Fighter 4, Makoto was one of the new characters from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, that Capcom added to the roster. In 3rd Strike she was a top tier character, but due to SSFIV’s game mechanics and the way Capcom designed her in this game, she did not make a good transition and is one of the weakest characters. This video documents just one day in the life of a Makoto player. Enjoy! Leave Comments! Subscribe!

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Article also found on thebitbag: http://www.thebitbag.com/2010/12/18/the-art-of-articulation/

Warzone Podcast #112 : http://www.thebitbag.com/2010/12/18/video-game-warzone-112/

As humans, we are all exclusive to each other from our exterior down to our DNA. We have different views on life itself, different ways of doing things and different ways of seeing things. Our minds, coupled with the way we think, is probably one of the most diverse characteristics we have as people. We can’t rip open another man’s headpiece and understand his thoughts and we can’t just stare at someone really hard like some professional paedophile and hope to achieve the same goal. The only way to truly get the best chance of understanding another person’s feelings about something they have experienced, whether it’s a book, film, song or in this case a game; is for them to have the skill to properly articulate those emotions.  (more…)

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Article also found on the bitbag: http://www.thebitbag.com/2010/12/13/slay-that-dragon-get-more-loot/

Back in the old days, long before Apple had an iron grip on the hardware industry, lining people up like lemmings to buy the latest gadget as if it cured lung cancer. Before Blizzard had enough funds to buy the whole of Korea. Before any type of fanboy plagued the earth we walk on. Prior to all this, games and their genres were much more straight forward than they are now. In Mario games you jumped on anthropomorphic crackhead mushrooms. Platformer. Your co-driver screamed “Long easy left!” at you in Sega Rally. Racer. Bison trolled all of us as the last boss in Street Fighter II. Beat’em up. In todays world, we are seeing many borrowings from different genres to help amplify the strengths of that particular game or to make completely new genres even. At the peak of this subject is the Role playing games. (more…)

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My latest post on Destructoid. You can read it if you want. http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/CharlieKun/ffxiv-should-have-been-set-in-ivalice-188865.phtml

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