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For those who dont play Super Street Fighter 4, Makoto was one of the new characters from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, that Capcom added to the roster. In 3rd Strike she was a top tier character, but due to SSFIV’s game mechanics and the way Capcom designed her in this game, she did not make a good transition and is one of the weakest characters. This video documents just one day in the life of a Makoto player. Enjoy! Leave Comments! Subscribe!


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Heres some walk cycles that I did a few weeks back. Both done in ToonBoom Studio 5 & Coloured in Photoshop CS4. Trying to get a watercolour/storybook effect similar to Valkyria Chronicles. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated! Hit the jump to see the other (and slightly better) walk cycle.


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