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Dance Class Fun Fun!

So here is a video you can watch if you want to. Finally got a ┬árecording of the Dance Classes I run at University. Enjoy ­čÖé


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Right! So i figured this would be cool!

Since we’re all trying to move forward in life, I light bulbed an idea, where┬áevery time a significant change in my life occurs, I’ll post it. Even if in the worst case scenario that no one reads this (which is super likely!) i’ll have this cool kind of online diary/backlog to show where Ive come from. Here goes…


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Okay, so the truth is, one fateful day on: Apr 27, 2009 @ 21:44pm, I created this blog out of impulse. What happened after that day, or what I wrote within these walls is no longer important. It is now lost to all of humanity. No one will know what silly words I typed and it is probably better that way!

If you are reading this, then I first must thank you for finding your way here or proceed to thank whatever situation occured in your life that made you bored enough to click the link that took you here. Additionally, if you are reading this and it is the only post on the blog, do be kind enough to check back occasionally. “Why should I?” you ask?┬á (more…)

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