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Article also found on the bitbag: http://www.thebitbag.com/2010/12/13/slay-that-dragon-get-more-loot/

Back in the old days, long before Apple had an iron grip on the hardware industry, lining people up like lemmings to buy the latest gadget as if it cured lung cancer. Before Blizzard had enough funds to buy the whole of Korea. Before any type of fanboy plagued the earth we walk on. Prior to all this, games and their genres were much more straight forward than they are now. In Mario games you jumped on anthropomorphic crackhead mushrooms. Platformer. Your co-driver screamed “Long easy left!” at you in Sega Rally. Racer. Bison trolled all of us as the last boss in Street Fighter II. Beat’em up. In todays world, we are seeing many borrowings from different genres to help amplify the strengths of that particular game or to make completely new genres even. At the peak of this subject is the Role playing games. (more…)


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